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Travels in South and East Turkey

A pictorial look at the historical and archaeological treasures to be found in south and east Turkey. These include ancient sites lifted from the pages of the bible, to imposing medieval monuments constructed by the Seljuk Turks; all set in stunning landscapes. To progress, Click Here

The Pyramids of Egypt

A brief guide for younger students about how the pyramids of ancient Egypt evolved from simple tombs. This will help you visualise the steps that took place which enabled the ancient Egyptians to build the great monuments that stand on the Giza Plateau today. To progress, Click Here

The 10 ‘must-see’ sites of Ancient Greece

A checklist of the ten most important Greek sites that would be of interest to teachers and students of ancient history. These sites range from the frequently visited Athenian Acropolis to places such as the more remote Mycenaean palace at Pylos in the Peloponnese. To progress, Click Here

In the Footsteps of Xerxes

The filming of out video The Persian Wars was a journey of discovery. This essay highlights some of what can be seen today when you set out to travel in the footsteps of Xerxes. To progress, Click Here

The Peloponnesian War: A Personal Odyssey

This twenty-seven year conflict between Athens and Sparta was a turning point for ancient Greece. Fortunately we today have the words of Thucydides to take us through this conflict one step at a time. This essay looks on the work of Thucydides with modern eyes to see why this history has lasted, as Thucydides hoped, forever. To progress, Click Here

Still Digging: The Process of Archaeology

This essay follows the path of a typical excavation from the very first survey to the publication of the site. If you have ever wondered how archaeologists go about their job, this essay will provide some answers. To progress, Click Here

The Discovery of Pella’s Canaanite Temple

This essay charts the history of the discovery of the large Migdol or Fortress style temple at the site of Pella in Jordan. This archaeological effort spans over nine years from its first discovery in 1994 to its full excavation in 2003 by a team from Australia’s Sydney University. To progress, Click Here