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  1. In this selection we have restricted ourselves to important sites from the earlier periods of Iranís history, particularly sites pertaining to the Achaemenid or Persian Period
  2. All photos by Ben Churcher, Astarte Resources
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Iran: The Ziggurat at Choga Zanbil

The Ziggurat at Chogha Zanbil, Iran

Ziggurat at Choga Zanbil

Choga Zanbil Sun Dial

Choga Zanbil Cunieforn Bricks

Choga Zanbil footprint

Iran: The City of Hamadan (Ecbatana)

Ancient Ecbatana was once the site of the Median capital city.

A view over the site of ancient Ecbatana

Domestic housing at Ecbatana

Persian Column Bases from Ecbatana (Hamadan, Iran)

The Stone Lion of Hamadan, Iran

Iran: The Achaemenian ruins at Pasargadae

A general view of Pasargadae, Iran

Gate House at Pasargadae, Iran

Pasargadae Assyrian-Style Reliefs

Water Channel at Pasargadae, Iran

The Tomb of Cyrus the Great, Pasargadae, Iran

Iran: The Achaemenian ruins at Persepolis

An overview of the site of Persepolis, Iran

The Assyrian style Gate of All Lands at Persepolis

Persepolis reliefs depicting the king and his followers

Lion attacking a bull relief from Persepolis, Iran

Relief carving of a Persian and Mede from Persepolis, Iran

Iran: The Achaemenian tombs at Naqsh-i Rustam

General view Naqsh-i Rustam, Iran

Tomb Of Xerxes, Naqsh-i Rustam, Iran

Detail of Xerxes Tomb, Naqsh-i Rustam, Iran

Zorastrian Fire Temple at Naqsh-i Rustam

Sasanian Reliefs at Naqsh-i Rustam, Iran

Iran: The Achaemenian ruins at Susa

The Apadana of Darius' Palace at Susa, Iran

Inner Court of Darius' Palace at Susa, Iran

View of the old excavations at Susa, Iran

Darius Statue from Susa, Iran

Glazed Bricks from Darius' palace, Susa, Iran

Iran: The relief of Darius the Great at Bisitun

Bisitun, Iran, from a distance

Darius' Relief at Bisitun, Iran

Darius' Relief at Bisitun, Iran

Darius Relief at Bisitun, Iran

A Hellenistic Hercules from Bisitun, Iran